Ralph Nader blames Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for anthropogenic global warming skepticism

Posted: March 3, 2011 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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Ralph Nader, an attorney, says scientific skepticism about anthropogenic global warming is because of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. 

Ralph Nader, expert on nothing, has made a career out of scare mongering and being wrong on just about everything . He recently chided in on the global warming debate in a way that is characteristic of a man with no viable argument or standing.  Mr. Nader has no science credentials and yet he has the audacity to lecture us on a scientific issue.  Shakespeare was right about lawyers.

Speaking to a bunch of impressionable students at the College of New Jersey this week he went into a soliloquy that can only be described as “delusional”.   At the risk of being accused of unfairly paraphrasing or quoting out-of-context I am reproducing the exact transcript of what he said, interspersed with my own commentary. 



STUDENT QUESTIONER AMANDA REDDINGTON: “Over like a hundred countries recognize global warming and the negative effect people have on the environment.  Do you, what’s your opinion on like America’s slow acceptance of this reality?”

–          Amanda, no country recognizes global warming, blah, blah, blah.  Certain politicians in certain countries may buy into and perpetuate the scam but that is very different.  And by what authority do you boldly proclaim it a “reality?”

RALPH NADER: “It’s partly because there’s been a well-organized counter-scientific movement, pseudo-scientific attack.  Clinton never pushed it, and Bush opposed it withdrew from it, right?  Obama’s not pushing it.  So, most of the environmental groups when they hear every day Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know, this huge ignorance movement going on.  Who’s to counteract Limbaugh, right?  You don’t get on if you offend corporate advertising.”

–          No, really, this is exactly what he said!  Mr. Nader, to begin with, maybe Clinton never pushed it for good reason!  You are saying that environmental groups tune into Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity every day?  Are you kidding?  These commentators mostly preach to the choir and if you do not know that then you are severely out of touch with reality.  “Well-organized counter scientific movement”? Are you kidding?  Organized?  You ought to see my desk!  The people who led the charge against this fraud were mostly a loosely organized rag-tag group of individuals with enough scientific credentials to know a snow job when they see it.  I pay no attention to Rush or to Sean for a simple reason—like you, they have no scientific credentials and more importantly, I have plenty and can look at the evidence and make my own assessment.  The well organized groups are the ones who have been trying to sell this nonsense for decades.  A rag-tag group of skeptics have done battle with the forces of the US government (and others) and nearly every single major news outlet (except Fox).  You have things backwards.  What’s more, the indoctrination is taking place on college campuses all over the country.  How many skeptics have been invited to speak at the College of New Jersey?

REDDINGTON:  Okay, thank you.

–          Really Amanda, is that the best response you have for his BS?

NADER:  “But they’ll learn as soon as things start melting.”

–          Things?  What are things?  I am not familiar with these scientific terms.  Are you talking about ice?  Start melting?  I thought the ice was already melting.  Your priests have been telling us the ice is melting for decades.  Is there something else that is going to melt that you are not telling us about?  Mr. Nader, ice has always melted and formed on earth.  Throughout geological history the process has cycled.  The glaciers that grew during the little ice age are now receding in some places.  The receding glaciers are exposing medieval and Roman period artifacts, proving that during these two historical times the glaciers were smaller than they are today.  Was there a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity back then to which you can blame those periods of warming or at least that population’s failure to do something about it?


–          Amanda, I do hope you are not majoring in Journalism.

NADER: “The beaches and all that.  They’ll learn.  Look at Alaska.”

–          Mr. Nader, you sir, are a clown!  What the hell is this supposed to mean?  I do hope you are not rehashing the tired old argument about rising sea levels.  Sea levels are rising ever so slightly but they are supposed to be rising.  They always do during an interglacial.  The rate at which sea levels are rising has not accelerated in recent years.  The rate has remained stable for at least a couple of hundred years. Your high priest, Al Gore, recently bought a beach mansion (no doubt with the fortune he has made selling this AGW nonsense).  Would a man (or priest) purchase beach front property if he really was worried about a tidal inundation?  Look at Alaska?  Hmmmmm…I hear you can see it from Russia.



–          Amanda, put down the kool-aid and go to class.


Jim Hatem


  1. eric says:

    The man sounds like a blubbering idiot.

  2. jackson says:

    Your retorts are right on! I never did like this guy.

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