Global Cooling headlines from January, 2011

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Global Cooling, global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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I am a little late on this month’s list but it was certainly not because it was hard to find these headlines.  It seems all over the world, new cold records were set in January.  Of course, these WEATHER EVENTS are not really meant to demostrate a global climate trend.  I compile these lists solely to counteract the people in the AGW camp who consistantly cite warm weather events as evidence for global warming.  Even John Holdren, President Obama’s own science advisor, has resorted to this dishonest tactic.


Tulsa issues only its second Blizzard warning (the first was last year).

Cold records shattered in Minnesota.

Record low temperatures kill 2 million fish in Maryland.

Snow in every state except Florida.

Taiwan experiences coldest January in decades.

Korea records coldest January in 50 years.

Hong Kong has coldest January since 1977.

Ireland has coldest January in 45 years.

Macau suffers coldest January in 30 years.

Shanghai experiences the coldest January in 30 years.

Britain has coldest January in 23 years.

Washington DC runs 3 degrees below normal for January.

Boston has coldest January in 50 years.

Record breaking cold temperatures in Maine.

Record cold temperatures recorded throughout Siberia.

Florida fights fruit freeze during record cold.

Record cold causing chaos throughout Europe.

Record cold grips New York.

Record low temperatures recorded across the American Northland.

Record low temperatures recorded in Kansas.

Record cold kills thousands of fish in Florida.

North Korea suffers through record cold.

Snow and bitter cold hit southern China.

Coldest EVER temperatures recorded in Italy.

100,000 homes damaged by record cold and snow in northwest China.

Severe cold kills 10,000 cattle in Vietnam.

Record low temperatures kill 200 in India.,over-200-dead-in-indias-cold-snap.html

NASA image reveals an extraordinary snow and ice covered Ireland.

Record low temperatures hit northern Mexico.

Record low temperatures in Canada.–uw-weather-station-records-near-record-low-temperatures

Southern Arizona hit by record cold temperatures.

Record low tempertures recorded in the Texas panhandle.

Record setting cold temperatures in New Mexico.

Cold temperature records hit Colorado.

Record cold grips much of the Northeast.

Jim Hatem

  1. kendall says:

    Thanks for compiling these lists. I keep a file of them to throw in the face of people who do exactly what you mention: using warm weather events to “prove” gobal warming.

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