Obama’s Top Science Advisor Calls Global Warming Skeptics an “Education Problem.” UNBELIEVABLE!

Posted: February 11, 2011 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax

John Holdren, Obama’s top science adviser, when asked how to deal with climate change skeptics said it’s an “education problem” and “we have to educate them”. Secondly, he said human activity, particularly fossil fuel burning, is overwhelmingly likely to be the primary cause of the “changes we’re experiencing.” Keep in mind this is coming from a man with some questionable and radical views.

What exactly are some of his radical views? For one, he wrote forced abortions and mass sterilization is needed to save the planet. He also said we should use Cap and Trade taxes- if it were passed- and give it to other countries.

So essentially not only does he advocate for the destruction of the American economy during a down period, but then taking those taxes and just handing them away to other nations. Hmm.

The man doesn’t even know the difference between climate and weather:


  1. steve-o says:

    Funny, he is implying that certain weather events are a result of global warming but if a skeptic does this these same people become un-glued. Arrogant jack-ass.

  2. gallant1 says:

    This guy is an idiot and he has Obama’s ear 24/7. Scary!

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