Just a few years ago the Senate was blaming global warming for the lack of snow in the US

Posted: February 7, 2011 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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Truly an epic video compilation!  These excerpts of speeches by some of our “climatologist-senators” a few years ago is a testimony to the scientific ignorance and folly of too many politicians and is a blunt reminder that politics should stay out of the scientific arena.  Listen as these geniuses cite IPCC predictions about disappearing snow in the United States coming true.  Listen as their hearts bleed for the poor snow recreation industry.  Listen to Senator Feinstein blame global warming on the lack of snow-pack in the Sierras.  Pssst……snow-pack in the Sierras  is currently at the highest levels it has been in decades–the same for the Cascades!

  1. jesuit01 says:

    I see my two California Senators in this clip making fools of themselves.

  2. ryan says:

    This is why we need term limits. What an embarrassing group.

  3. sensei says:

    And these clowns keep getting re-elected.

  4. lausd_teacher says:

    Yes, it is especially embarrassing that both Feinstein and Boxer on included here.

  5. c'monnow says:

    How are these clowns still in office?

  6. Ricky2 says:

    I sent a link to this video to Barbara Boxer’s office.

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