Official Data from the UK Mirrors the Recent Cooling Trend for the U.S.

Posted: January 14, 2011 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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The Central England Temperature (CET) database is the world’s oldest instrumental temperature record. Its temperature data is widely acknowledged to be reliable and accurate and has been used in hundreds of peer-reviewed papers.  Its greatest value, I believe is that it has never been adjusted or manipulated by scientists with a political agenda.  The same cannot be said for Hansen’s team of fabricators over at NASA.

So what does this temperature record tell us about temperature changes in central England since 1659?  Well, for one thing it confirms what I have already reported for the U.S.–namely, that there has been no warming here for the past 13 years or so.  In fact, U.S. data shows a significant cooling trend.  Likewise, the CET data shows cooling over the past 15 years for Central England.

I acknowledge that 13 or even 15 years are not all that significant when it comes to climate and I wouldn’t want to be accused of “cherry-picking” so lets look at the graph of the entire CET data set for December.  Remember, this is the world’s oldest temperature record.  Anybody see a trend one way or the other?  Seems like winters haven’t changed much in over 350 years while CO2 levels have steadily climbed.  According to the IPCC, this should not be!  Whoa, check out those last few data points!

Jim Hatem

  1. jackson says:

    Hey, this is pretty awesome. I saw the chart for the US yesterday and now this one for England.

  2. Mary T says:

    That last graph is priceless.

  3. eric says:

    I agree with Mary. The last graph is important because it is raw data from a single station in a part of the world that is supposed to be more susceptible to global warming.

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