December’s signs of imminent “Global Cooling”

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It continues to amaze me how the global warming alarmists are quick to point to individual weather events as evidence for global warming.  No matter how many times it is pointed out that weather and climate are not the same thing, the headlines are sure to follow whenever a “pro-warmist” weather event occurs.  Inevitably, in these reports, some yahoo scientist is quoted as saying this is evidence of global warming.

Several years ago , Europe was experiencing a particularly warm winter and the global warming activists were tripping all over each other trying to get their names in the news with proclamations that  winter, as we know it, is a thing of the past.  We were told that school children in Europe were going to grow up without knowing what snow is.

Yesterday, a colleague (a science teacher) posted something on her face book page about a flood in Australia (on a river floodplain, no less) and some recent unusually warm weather in a small Canadian Arctic town with the implicit suggestion that these events were signs of global warming.  When I pointed out to her that flooding in that flood plain is not unusual her retort was to mention last year’s flooding in Pakistan (also on a flood plain) and asked the rhetorical question: “why is this planet becoming such a soggy mess?”  Of course it is not.   Oh, and that Canadian town– the warm spell she mentioned did not even come close to the record warm December temperatures experienced in the same location back in1952.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news recently is familiar with the record cold and snow being reported in Europe.  The global warming people have even made a pathetic attempt at blaming this cold winter (the third straight one) on global warming.  Never mind that the same brutally cold weather conditions occurred in the southern hemisphere this past July and August.  When I read the nonsensical explanation for Britain’s cold spell I quickly realized that these AGW apologists apparently failed to notice the unusually cold conditions reported in the past month is such disparate places as the Middle East, the Korean peninsula, the Caribbean, the  U.S. and Canadian Pacific Northwest,  the U.S. and Mexican Southwest, China, and India.  Particularly embarrassing have been the reports of snow is Australia (it is the middle of summer down under)!  And here is a thought: If brutally cold temperatures in Europe are a sign of global warming then what would an unusually warm winter in Europe signify?  Just asking.

Well, as has become my monthly tradition I present here a menagerie of recent headlines from around the world.  I make no claims as to the climatic implications for these weather events.  I present them here merely to counter the drivel of selective weather reporting by the global warming activists.

Some December Headlines:

Coldest December on record for central Florida,0,472670.story

South Korea experiencing its coldest December in 30 years.

Coldest December ever recorded in Scotland.

Sweden records its coldest December in 110 years

Tennessee experiences its coldest December since 1942.

Coldest December since records began in UK.

Much of Europe experiencing the coldest December since 1910.

Record low December temperatures recorded in North Carolina.

Georgia has its coldest December ever.

Record cold, snow, and ice throughout Ireland.

Record cold-related deaths recorded in London.

Colorado has coldest December in 30 years.

Two die from record December cold night in Hong King.

Armagh observatory records the coldest winter solstice night in 120 years.

Chicago has its coldest December open in 27 years.

Eight freeze to death in record cold night in Poland.

Frances has its coldest December in 40 years

Trondheim, Norway records coldest November night in 222 years.

Norway’s coldest November since 1919.

Denmark records its coldest temperature in 120 years.

Alberta second coldest place on earth (only Antarctica colder).

Record cold temperatures set in Alberta.–record-cold-temps-set-in-alberta

Record cold temperatures hit British Columbia

Coldest year in 25 years for Balearics.

Cold summer (December) temperatures recorded in Australia.

Record cold temperatures hit Switzerland.

Records snow blasts Italy’s Adriatic coast.

Record cold temperatures hit Cancun, Mexico.

Record cold temperatures killing endangered Florida manatees

Frigid Midwest temperatures kill at least 15.;pop

Record cold killing cows, pigs, sheep, and salmon in Ireland

Snow arrives 40 days early in China, 700 livestock die.

Fairbanks, Alaska records coldest December in 30 years.

Record breaking snowfall in Vancouver

Record breaking snowfall in Sierras

Record Christmas snow across the southern USA

Record snow and cold hit Paris

Sarasota has record low temperature.

Record low temperatures destroy Florida citrus crops

Cuba registers its coldest temperatures in 50 years.

Record low temperatures recorded in Wyoming,lowmax

Wintry weather brings snow to Australia in midsummer

Parts of Australia experiences its first ever summer snow.

Australian Eastern States hit by bitter cold and snow in midsummer

Record December snowfall recorded for Minnesota

Syracuse has snowiest December on record.

Puerto Rico experiences its coldest December day in 112 years

Temperatures hit record lows in Russian far east

Record snowfall buries Vancouver .

Record low temperatures reported in Punjab area of India.

Record low temperature in Orissa, India.

Beijing records coldest day in ten years.

Mercury falls to lowest level in 30 years in Seoul., South Korea.

Record December snow in Germany.

Ice blocks 4000 vehicles on China freeway

Rare deep freeze causes chaos across southern China

Record low temperatures recorded throughout Mexico.

Cold related fatalities to reach 35,000 in UK this winter

Denmark records lowest temperature in 130 years.

Another day of record cold at Daytona Beach.

Freezing temperatures break 55 years record in Orleans, France

Eighty year low temperature record broken in Berlin.

Three die from record cold in Romania

Low temperature records broken across Bulgaria

Record snowstorm hits Israel,7340,L-3998174,00.html

Snow falls in Jerusalem.

Worst snowstorm in 25 years hits Damascus

Severe cold and raging storm closes Suez Canal.

Low temperatures causing food shortages in Egypt.

Miami experiences its coldest December in 115 years

Scotland hit by coldest temperatures in 30 years

Near record low temperatures hit Louisiana.

Near record lows recorded across Taiwan

119 year cold record broken in Bangalore

Record snow paralyzes Spokane.

Spokane breaks 55 year old snow record

Seattle breaks 17 year old low temperature record.

Berlin has its snowiest December in over 100 years

West Virginia has snowiest December in over 40 years.

Illinois has its snowiest December ever.

Minnesota reports snowiest December ever.

Syracuse, N.Y. has snowiest December ever.

Germany has coldest December in 40 years.

Parts of Australia experience their coldest December in decades (and it is snowing)!

Kentucky’s coldest and snowiest December.

Record low temperatures in Georgia

Las Vegas sets record low temperature on New Year’s Eve.

Florida agriculture loses $273 Million to December freeze

Coldest ever New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.

Arizona sets several new record low temperatures on New Year’s Eve.

Jim Hatem

  1. t_fish says:

    Wow, this is quite a collection. I am so glad you provide this antidote because because you are very correct about environmental wackos using every heat wave and drought etc. as evidence of global warming.

  2. sammisen says:

    If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Little wonder that those who are still screaming “global warming” are increasingly having a harder and harder time being taken seriously.

  3. johnathan_is_here says:

    Holy crap, Hatem. This must have taken a king time to compile. I was just in Germany and just form anectodal evidence from the people there they are fed up with all the global warming they have been having.

  4. jozie says:

    I wish someone would push all of this global warming stuff off my street. We have been snowbound for over 24 hours now.

  5. eric says:

    How you make this a regular monthly feature. Love it!

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