Research confirms that unprecedented Arctic warming occurred a thousand years ago, not today

Posted: December 22, 2010 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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NASA’s blatantly bogus Arctic temperatures are an attempt to scare the public into thinking the ice sheets of Greenland are quickly melting away because of unprecedented “high” temperatures.   However, even these bogus high temperatures are significantly lower than what the region experienced during the Medieval Warm Period.

While NASA’s computer jocks, notably eco-terrorist James Hansen and his crew at GISS, spend their time and our money on fabricating fake temperatures, real scientists continue to conduct expert scientific research on the Arctic. The latest peer-reviewed findings confirm that the Medieval Period experienced Arctic temperatures some 2-3°C higher than modern times. Somehow, the poor polar bears survived and as far as I know, no one was driving around in SUVs a thousand years ago, warming up the globe.

“We have generated a ~5,000 year long, decadally-resolved record of summer water temperature from the annually-laminated sediments of Lower Murray Lake on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic. The varved sediments of Lower Murray Lake allowed high-resolution sampling and excellent chronologic control of the sedimentary record…..Most strikingly, the alkenone record reveals warm lake water temperatures beginning ~800 AD and persisting until ~1200 AD, with temperatures up to 2-3 deg C warmer than the mean temperature for the past 100 years. This dramatic medieval warm period on Ellesmere Island interrupted a distinct (neoglacial) cooling trend that had begun approximately 2000 years earlier.” (1)

In another recently published paper, nine researchers decided to test the global warming alarmists’ claims that human CO2 emissions will cause an “amplified” increase in polar temperatures–this, they claim, will doom all of humanity.  Well, the scientific facts speak otherwise.  The nine researchers examined a mountain of evidence and research related to Arctic temperatures and determined that current Arctic temperatures are well within natural variability and no CO2-induced “polar-amplification” is to be found.

“In comparing the vast array of past climate changes in the Arctic,  human influence does not stand out relative to other, natural causes of climate change.” In fact, they state that the data “clearly show” that “strong natural variability has been characteristic of the Arctic at all time scales considered,” and they reiterate that the data suggest “that the human influence on rate and size of climate change thus far does not stand out strongly from other causes of climate change.” (2)

Other than a handful of discredited tree-ring studies, the vast accumulation of scientific evidence indicates that modern warming has not been as great as that experienced during the Medieval Warm Period.  This is especially true in the Arctic region.

Finally, this additional peer-reviewed research confirms the unprecedented warmth of the MWP from data collected at a lake on Baffin Island, Canada:

“Sediment cores collected from Donard Lake, Baffin Island, Canada were analyzed to produce a 1240-year record of average summer temperature for this region based on clastic varve thickness. The most prominent feature of the record is a period of elevated summer temperatures from AD 1200-1375,” the peak 10-year mean value of which was approximately 0.9°C warmer than the peak 10-year mean value in the vicinity of 1960 (the highest of the last hundred years), 1.2°C warmer than the peak 10-year mean value in the vicinity of 1980, and fully 2.0°C warmer than the last 10-year value of the record, which was centered on approximately 1987.” (3)

What all the data is suggesting is that the warming today is the result of a natural slow climb out of the Little Ice Age to conditions reminiscent of medieval times and earlier.  There is nothing unprecedented about it and nothing related to anything humans are doing.

  1. D’Andrea, W. J.; Bradley, R. S. 2010  A 5,000 year alkenone-based temperature record from Lower Murray Lake reveals a distinct Medieval Warm Period in the Canadian High Arctic.  American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting.  PP43C-10.
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Jim Hatem

  1. the HANman says:

    Hatem, you are amazing. Love the polar bear comment.

  2. eric says:

    I used to think you were nuts but I am now totally convinced. How does this myth of global warming persist? It boggles my mind.

  3. t_fish says:

    It is amazing how the believers in global warming never want to address the Medieval Warm Period. There entire house of cards falls on this evidence alone. Clearly, whatever warming we are experiencing today is within natural historical fluctuations.

  4. johnathan_is_here says:

    Hatem, I never doubted you. This research is compelling evidence that current conditions are not unnatural.

  5. eric says:

    Oh there is that nasty MWP again fouling up the doomsday predictors.

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