Embarrassing Cooling Trend of 8.0 deg F / Century Still Embracing the U.S.

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Global Cooling, global warming fraud, global warming hoax, Uncategorized
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Well another month of temperature data for the continental United States has been recorded and the trend since 1998 STILL shows a declining trend.   At present, temperatures since 1998 are declining at a rate of 8.0 deg F per century.  According to scientists from the IPCC the general global trend for the past 15 years has been no significant warming or even a slight cooling.  Of course, during all this time the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been going up and up.  The graph below was compiled from data published by the National Climatic Data Center, U. S. Department of Commerce. 

Does anyone think this trend will be reported in the mainstream media?  If the data showed a warming trend of +8.0 deg F per century do you think it would be reported by the mainstream media?

Most Recent 12-Month Period (Dec-Nov) 1998 -2010

1998 – 2010 Data Values

Trend = -0.80 deg F / Decade (-8.0 deg F / Century)



Jim Hatem


  1. johnathan_is_here says:

    I realize this data is only for the US but it is still interesting. I would also like to see CNN report on stuff like this. Everytime some idiot makes a claim about some lolcal weather event being caused by global warming they are quick to give lip service to them. This is 13 years of data!

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