More Global Cooling Headlines.

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Global Cooling, global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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The global warming activists  keep pointing to weather events as evidence of global warming so to counter this dishonest strategy, here are some recent events to contemplate.  Unlike the aforementioned, I make no claims about the significance of these events.  However, I think these headlines are a nice backdrop to the global warming conference currently underway in Cancun.

Coldest November in 17 years grips Britain.

Ahmedabad, India’s coldest November day in 40 years.

Darwin (Australia) has coldest November day on record.

Vancouver experiences record cold November.

Coldest Autumn in High Arctic since 2004.

Canbera experiences coldest and wettest Autumn in 7 years.

Antarctic station records lowest temperature since record keeping began in 1981.

Record low November temperatures hit Idaho.

Record frigid temperatures hit Seattle over Thanksgiving.

Coldest November temperatures in living memory hit Ireland.

Dairy farmers suffering under onslaught of early snows in Ireland.

Gloucestershire experiences its coldest November day in over a hundred years.

Temperatures plummet to the coldest on record for November in parts of Great Britain.

Scotland hit by the coldest November in 17 years.

Record-tying cold chills Long Beach, California.

Frigid temperatures chill Las Vegas–temperatures running 12 degrees below normal.

Record low temperatures in Toronto, Canada.

Record Low temperatures in Finland.

Record-setting low temperatures on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles area.

Record low temperatures recorded over Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Record setting cold and snow hit Seattle area.

Low temperature records fall across Montana.

Spokane records record low temperatures.

Record cold leads to toddler’s death, threatens citrus crops.

Record breaking cold across southern Arizona.

Record cold in Denmark, worst in 131 years.

Severe cold and snow in Europe cause 8 deaths in Poland and more than 2000 traffic accidents in Germany.

Extreme cold and snow causes 15 deaths in Europe.

UK shivers through more record breaking temperatures.

Heaviest and earliest snow traps 1000 herdsmen in Mongolia.

Record lows across Alberta, Banff temp sets old record set in 1892.

Parts of Norway experience lowest November temperatures since 1788.

Coventry, UK experiences it’s coldest November day since 1894.

 Jim Hatem

  1. johnathan_is_here says:

    The way things are shaping up I exp[ect an even longer list from you next month.

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