US Postal Rates are Driving Global Warming!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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This is for all the clowns who think that correlation is the same a causation.  I got this graph showing a better correlation of global temperatures with US postal rates that with carbon dioxide levels from a wonderful and informative Australian web site.

Click the graph to enlarge it.


Jim Hatem

  1. Dan says:

    You should sue the postal service, personally.

  2. Altair Maine says:

    Your point is well-taken. Correlation is definitely not causation.

    But the presentation of the CO2 data on this graph detracts from the credibility of its creator, and weakens its obvious implication. The plot of that data is such a shallow attempt at propaganda that it’s hardly worth the trouble to dismiss. It’s easy to choose a vertical scale that makes it hard to see the magnitude of relative changes in a trend.

    Why is the CO2 line even there? It makes the creator of the graph look like a moron. With just the postal data and the temperature graph, it would be making an interesting (if pedantic) point.

    An honest presentation would at least render the vertical scales and origins roughly comparable.

    When people pull crap like that, it detracts from their credibility. No side of a discussion is immune to idiots – we all have them. But why would you cite one of the idiots?

    • Altair, this was not meant to be a scientific treatise. It is more humorous than anything else. The valid point is the one that we both agree was well illustrated: correlation is not causation. As for the CO2 scale. I agree that you have a point but it is the same one that I make every time I see a graph with temperatures and CO2 used to demonstrate correlation/causation. Even the IPCC graphs do the opposite of what is on this graph–that is, they stretch the y-axis of the CO2 concentration to “make it fit” with the temperatures. The real difference is that those IPCC graphs are used by governments to set climate, energy, and taxation policies. Do you publicly comment about propaganda when you see THOSE graphs? Or, are you blind to the obvious when it is suitable? Do you make it a point to comment about the (dis)”honest presentation” of CO2 concentrations and temperature proxies scattered throughout the global warming literature?
      This graph was used only to illustrate the fallacy of causation. I have another one that shows a correlation between the circumference of Al Gore’s waistline and rising temperatures. I didn’t use it because it only goes back to the 1990s. 🙂

  3. zzenmastr says:

    I love this. I am going to blow up the chart and hang it in my room.

  4. the HANman says:

    Oh boy, this is a gem.

  5. kellan says:

    Altair, you need to chill out.

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