German Scientist: CO2 is Not a Climate Driver–Cold Period is Predicted

Posted: November 17, 2010 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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The sun in extreme ultraviolet

The European Institute For Climate and Energy (EIKE) released a paper today written by German physicist Dr. Horst Bochert. The paper reveals a clear relation between solar activity and ocean cycles, and thus act as the main climate drivers. Measured data shows no CO2 impact on climate.

Paper as pdf here.

Unfortunately, the paper is only in German. But the abstract is in English. Here it is (I made a couple of grammatical corrections for clarity):

It was found that the South Pacific Oscillation (SO) is influenced by solar activity, similar to the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Especially during the warming period from 1980 to 2009 the oscillation of solar wind – Index “aa“ – was in good resonance with the delayed South Pacific Oscillation. The same observation was found between the oscillation of cosmic radiation, which is controlled by Forbush– reduction by the magnetic fields of the sun protons of the solar wind and the delayed SO (K=0.8). The consequence of these observations is the postulation that the increase of global temperature in the Southern Hemisphere was caused by solar activity with strong emissions of proton-rays in the Earth ‘s direction during the 22nd and 23rd sunspot-periods, reducing cosmic rays. This led to a reduction of cloudiness, increased solar rays and warming up the lower atmosphere (Svensmark –Effect). As a consequence, dissolved CO2 was continuously emitted by the slowly warming ocean, providing fertilizer for the flora of the world. A relevance of CO2 concerning climate change could not be found. With the end of solar activity in 2006, a cold weather period has also started in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the paper’s conclusion, if I understand correctly, Bochert writes that the southern hemispheric temperature has followed the long-term average of the Southern Oscillation (SO) since 1980. During this warm period, the SO was enhanced by an additional especially strong solar-controlled heat source, which ended with the 23rd cycle.

As a consequence the global temperature of the Southern Hemisphere, like the Northern Hemisphere, shows a stagnation and has a downward trend since about 2009.

Bochert writes:

Temperature increases also in the southern hemisphere from 1980 until 2009 are not caused by man, but by unusual solar activity. A control of the warmth development in the South Pacific region by increasing CO2 concentrations during this warming period is not discernible from the measured data.


CO2 is not climate-relevant; from ground-based measurements, climate change and warming cannot be shown to be caused by increasing Co2 .

And for the future:

The weather on the earth will be characterised on average over the long-term by increased cloud cover and thus less solar radiation as a result of the slightly reduced cosmic radiation.  Over the long term, a cold period is anticipated.

Bochert ends with:

There’s no reason to expect or fear an anthropogenically caused climate catastrophe. All climate changes are due to natural causes. It does make sense to adapt to them.


I wish I could comment more on this paper but the google translation of it is horrendous.  Eventually someone will do a professional translation into English .

  1. zzenmastr says:

    Funny how stuff like this is never reported on CNN or MSNBC or the BBC? Sorry, I can’t help with the translation.

  2. Mary T says:

    If you picked a popular major news station, and bombarded them, in every possible way via phone, email, snail mail etc, with all of this global warming info, sources, scientists, science journal articles, real graphs etc, continuously bombarded them…what would most likely happen?

  3. the HANman says:

    Who would have ever thunk it? It’s the sun? I always wondered why it got colder at night.

  4. kellan says:

    Gee, I never would have suspected that the sun might have something to do with our climate. I never would have suspected that it is more important than my breathing.

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