Official Government Data Shows U.S. is STILL Cooling at a Rate of 8.8 deg F/Century

Posted: November 11, 2010 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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One month ago I wrote an essay here predicting that the media would soon be touting 2010 as the warmest year on record.  Warm temperatures at the beginning of the year were looked upon with childish glee by certain elements of the global warming community but alas, nature has a way of messing up a party.  The higher temperatures have not continued and in fact some of the coldest temperatures recorded in a hundred years have occurred this winter (our summer) in the southern hemisphere, balancing out the above average temperatures in parts of the north.  Of course, a single year means nothing in the grand scheme of things so no single year should ever be used as a harbinger of future trends.

However, reports that global temperatures have been flat or declining for the past 12-15 years are becoming increasingly embarrassing to the doom and gloom global warming activists.  I have no access to raw (or even modified) temperature data for the globe so I am going to take the word of IPCC authors that indeed global temperatures are behaving badly—that is, they are not increasing at the unprecedented rate that was predicted by their computer models. 

Unlike global temperature data, data for the U.S. is readily available and last month I used official government temperature data to show that up through September 2010, temperatures in the U.S. were declining at a rate of 8.8 deg F / Century.  A couple of days ago, the government updated their data set with temperatures through the month of October.  I ran the same analysis on the data for the period since the great El Nino event of 1998 and lo and behold, there is no change.  The trend line is still the same.  The U.S. is cooling!  Of course this is just the current trend and only a climate fool would suggest that a warming one not follow one day. 

So the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) people keep watching the concentration of CO2 rise in the atmosphere and keep expecting the temperatures to do likewise but somehow, nature is just not cooperating.  This cooling trend was never predicted in any of the IPCC climate models.  In fact, exponential rises in temperature were predicted in every single one of their past reports.  This begs the question; if their computer models were incapable of predicting an immediate 12 year cooling trend then how much faith should we have in those same models predicting catastrophic high temperatures over the next century?  Should we be committing TRILLIONS of dollars to a problem that no empirical evidence suggest actually exist?

Continental U.S. Temperature Cooling

Most Recebt 12-Month Period (Nov.-Oct.) 1998 – 2010 Trend = -0.88 deg F / decade (-8.8 deg F / century)



Each red line in the graph represents a 12 month period ending in October of the related year.  The black horizontal line represents the average temperature over this time period.  The green line is the statistical trend.  Please be aware that atrend is not a prediction–this trend can and will change.  Source:

Jim Hatem

  1. the HANman says:

    At what point will people realize we have all been scammed by this global warming nonsense? Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Mary T says:

    Hmm…how can we get more people to see and read these essays..

  3. Lawrie Ayres says:

    Mary T,

    Link to other threads on other blogs. It preaches to the converted but there are many visitors straying to the popular sites seeking the information denied them by the MSM.

  4. zzenmastr says:

    Thank you for this. I realize it only shows data for the Us but it is nonetheless very interesting.

  5. Bill Ring says:

    I don’t quite get you… one look at the October 2010 map shows that the overwhelming majority of the country is experiencing 8 degree higher temperatures.

    • No, you are not reading the map correctly. The only area on the map that had an 8 degree temp above the 1970-2000 (how convenient that they leave out the last 12 years of cooling) average was a small section of southern Montana. Most of the color coded map is showing near normal temperatures. However, a subjective assessment of the temperature form a color colded map is not useful. My graph comes from the raw data supplied by NCDC. I even use their algorithm for graphing and drawing trend lines.

  6. Bill Ring says:

    Select the data set for Year to Date Jan – Oct 2010. Most of the continental US shows increased temperatures.

    • I have already explained what you are doing wrong. You are comparing the data set to the 1970-2000 norm. Don’t you wonder why they chose those dates? Why didn’t they extend the norm to 2010? It is merely a statistical trick and it is no accident that the default is set to that time period. My post shows what is happening to US temperatures for the past 13 years–they are declining! I didn’t input the data, draw the graph, or determine the trend line. That was all done by the NCDC. All I did was set the parameters, tracking US temperatures SINCE 1998! Once the November data is in I will do the same thing and I can guarantee that the trend will still show a lowering of temperatures SINCE 1998.

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