What are the Warmist Afraid of?

Posted: November 10, 2010 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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A few wire service stories have been appearing in major newspapers lately about the hissy fits that climate warming activists are having about interests in congress to hold hearings concerning the claims being made by these individuals.  I find it pretty comical that they think they should not have to explain their research  to the very body that finances their activities.  If not comical it is at least curious that global warming alarmists are in a panic about potentially getting an opportunity to testify in front of Congress. They have been complaining for years that Congress and the American public won’t listen to them, but as soon as they get the opportunity to testify in front of Congress, they cry “Witch Hunt!” This begs the question, what are they so afraid of? There are hundreds of skeptical scientists who would love to have the opportunity to explain their research to Congress, in either the Republican-controlled House or the Democratic Senate. Yet why are the alarmists so afraid of answering questions from anyone other than a fully sympathetic audience? Have they been hanging around Al Gore too long?

The same alarmists who are organizing outraged resistance to congressional hearings are the same alarmists who petition the federal government for billions of dollars each year to produce their controversial findings. People who ask for and accept taxpayer dollars shouldn’t get all bent out of shape about being asked to account for their use of those funds. The national budget deficit is spiraling out of control, while the federal government is handing out billions of dollars each year in research grants to global warming alarmists – many of whom are unabashed activists who have been accused of cooking the books and engaging in scientific misconduct. Why shouldn’t Congress want to make sure that taxpayer money is being well-spent? And why are the alarmists so afraid to explain themselves?


Jim Hatem


  1. Mary T says:

    I am literally applauding.

  2. the HANman says:

    I’ll tell you what they are afraid of. Losing their jobs!

  3. zzenmastr says:

    Good points. You would think they would want a venue like the US congress to sell their science.

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