Recent Trends in Global Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Concentration Show NO Correlation!

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Global Cooling, global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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Look at the graph of global temperatures and compare it to the rise in carbon dioxide concentrations.  Pay particular attention to data since 1998.  Since that time, the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased about 10% and yet, global temperatures have leveled off.  This is in direct contradiction to what the IPCC and all the religious converts to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) predicted.  If the IPCC computer models could not even forecast a dozen years into the future, what confidence should we have in these models for the next 100 years?  More importantly, are these faulty models grounds for massive taxation and redistribution of wealth from the industrialized world to the third world?  Should we be setting energy and taxation policy based on these flawed computer models?  Are there more important things we could be investing TRILLIONS of dollars on?  There are plenty of real threats to the environment worth addressing instead of harmless (and I would even argue, “beneficial”) carbon dioxide.

Jim Hatem

  1. E=MC2 says:

    I haven’t seen the global warming people rushing to defend this.

  2. the HANman says:

    We have been scammed for too long and a lot of people are getting rich off the taxpayers promoting this global warming nonsense.

  3. Lawrie Ayres says:

    Of all the millions of words written about the effects of man’s CO2 emissions this graph explains it exactly. Trenberth doesn’t agree of course, the heat is somewhere and we can’t find it. Maybe it went to outer space. Now there is a thought.

  4. allan Smith says:

    Well to me your graph does show warming following increased CO2 levels, The purple lines are the medians you go off them not the red lines, And it shows considerable increase in temperature though its tailing off a slight amount. Your graph actually tends to prove the case im not sure why people see different, Im actually skeptical for what we dont know about climate Before drastic action is taken the case should be proved beyond doubt, Also the solutions being proposed are politically biased agendas connected to climate change. Copenhagen was about Global governance and how many climate change supporters even know what that agenda is. It was brought in like a thief in the night, lacking public debate,
    And of course the issue of the scam merchants and get rich quick schemes that are going to
    get consumers to pay for huge capital projects that will be owned in the end by global warming entrepreneurs like Mr Gore, And if the issue is so important detach the scam merchants from around my wallet and develop good old fashioned public utilities owned by the people, run efficiently, At a pinch efficient private business but not if they get a government monopoly and no risk with 15% returns like some crony capitalists have been able to secure Of course this scam industry might be planned to be the new bubble economy they need to inflate the economy, If so its not sounding very sustainable or environmentally based in the first place, Onward to more scandals

  5. zzenmastr says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The entire debate is encapsulated and decided by this one graph. DIVERGING LINES!

  6. Cal says:

    Where is this cooling you claim? 2010 was the warmest year on record, and 2011 shows no sign of being cooler.

  7. Clark says:

    The entire global warming scam has been exposed for exactly what it is – A SCAM – PERIOD.
    It was designed by the one-worlders to take our country’s wealth and “spread it around”.
    This is the sole purpose of the scam. Hillary gave away $100 Billion of our money on her trip to
    the big climate change meeting in Copenhagen. Pledging it to “poor” countries. Poor countries contribute very little to global pollution so this tells the tale! When my Senator, Chuck Hagel, read over the Kyoto Protocol, the very first global warming treaty to come before the Senate for ratification, he put his finger on the scam when he said, “There is no way I can sign on to this treaty; it will put America’s economy back 50-years.” Guess what Senator, you have described precisely why this hoax was cooked up!! Why did Senator Obama introduce a U.S. Carbon Tax
    bill that would’ve taken $857 Billion U.S. dollars and given it to the U.N.??
    THESE INSTANCES ARE UNDENIABLE – OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE AND THERE IS NO MORE AMERICA!!! If the New World Order (as Bush 1 called it on a nationally televised speech) folks are successful, America will be little more than a “state of the new order”. That means we surrender our independence to this world government. No more right to free speech, right to bear arms, right to participate in a government, right to own property etc. NO MORE RIGHTS!!! THINK ABOUT THIS LONG AND HARD!! Global warming, now called climate change (because the earth has actually been cooling slightly since 1997) is the tool to be used to bring down our great country. Spread the word!!!

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