Osama Bin Ladin Joins the Global Warming Activist Crowd

Posted: October 4, 2010 in global warming fraud, global warming hoax
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The new spokesman for global warming activism

“Discussing climate change is not an intellectual luxury, but a reality. All of the industrialized countries, especially the big ones, bear responsibility for the global warming crisis.”

OK, pretend you didn’t read the headline to this blog.  Who do you think made this statement?  Al Gore?  Well, he could have.

In a newly released tape from Osama Bin Ladin, the master of terror blamed America for causing global warming and thereby killing thousands in the floods that have ravaged Pakistan recently.  Never mind that floods have been occurring in Pakistan long before there was even an America to blame.   He says that our unrelenting release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has caused the deaths of more people than has all the wars.

He blasted America for not signing the Kyoto Protocol on regulating carbon emissions and called for the world to boycott America.

In an ealier tape, Bin Ladin warned of the dangers of climate change and said that the way to stop it is to “bring the wheels of the American economy to a halt.”  It is no secret that Bin Ladin’s aim has always been to destroy the American economy.  So is it really a surprise that he would be in favor of International treaties that limit carbon emissions from the “Great Satan”?

The global warming alarmists have a new ally in their war on the Western way of life.  How nice.

Jim Hatem


  1. Mary T says:

    first i thought you were completely joking around. and then i googled it. and oh my goodness, seriously?
    and even more seriously, we can’t find this guy? riight

    • Yes, when his first tape was released about a year ago basically saying the same thing it didn’t get much coverage. His latest tape hasn’t gotten much play either but it is out there. It was broadcast all over the Middle East. The funniest part is that the carbon emissions this guy is complaining about are mostly from fossils fuels extracted from the Middle East!

  2. Sam Kim says:

    This happens to be very old news. Osama bin Laden has been lambasting the United States for causing climate change for quite a few years new, as evidenced in a recorded speech released back during the second Bush presidency. I’m not sure what signing the Kyoto protocol has to do with anything, but this is hilarious.

    • Yes Sam, this is the second recording fro Osama in which he struck out at the US for causing global warming. The Kyoto protocols would have put limits on carbon emissions–that is why Osama brings it up. It doesn’t even matter that virtually none of the countries that did sign the treaty have actually met their goals.

      • Sam Kim says:

        Yeah, that’s what I mean. The Kyoto Protocol is just a fancy document that allows idiots to pretend that they’re doing something useful, when all they’re doing is blowing hot air. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have also had terrible flooding due to typhoons, yet hardly anybody has died.

        Funny that this man wants to impose an interest-free economic system (“shari’a banking”) on Islamic nations that might entirely prevent their economic progress, ensuring hundreds of thousands of more deaths due to benign neglect. He’s also comes from a Saudi family that has grown immensely wealthy by selling petroleum, imagine that! I wonder how many tons of CO2 the twin towers released during the aftermath of 9/11?

  3. a_engr1948 says:

    I too thought this was a joke.

  4. t_fish says:

    So funny. Well, you know if Osama Bin Ladin thinks America should be doing something then it is almost a given that we should not.

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