The Hypocrisy of the Human-Induced Global Warming Crowd

Posted: September 30, 2010 in global warming fraud
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The hypocrisy of those who champion the human-induced global warming scenario is something that never seems to get enough press.  I am not talking about the millions of dollars that Al Gore stands to make dealing in carbon trading or his enormous carbon footprint.  Those are fun to point out but the real hypocrisy is with the multitudes that follow the supposed sage advice of the UN, the IPCC and the FAO.  More specifically, I am talking about those who look at us “deniers” as a dangerous mob because we demand empirical evidence for their outrageous claims yet in their daily lives they unknowingly mock the AGW religion to which they belong.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) issued a report in conjunction with the IPCC’s last assessment on climate change and in that report they point out that meat production is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  According to these experts, the livestock industry contributes more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than does all the planes, the trains, the automobiles, the boats, motorcycles, buses and trucks combined!  In terms of percentages, the livestock industry contributes over 40% more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than does the entire global transportation industry. (1)

I wonder how many of those climate change conferences feature dinners where meat is served.  I wonder how many individuals who look upon us with scorn habitually serve up plates of dead animals at the dinner table.  The global warming crowd has painted itself into a corner because the very same people who have convinced them that human-induced global warming is upon us have now pointed the finger of blame more specifically on human consumption of meat.

Think about this hypocrisy the next time you see a hybrid in the parking lot at your local McDonalds.

By the way, the IPCC’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, has embraced this report and has been a vocal advocate for vegetarianism.  His solution to dealing with the climate change caused by meat consumption should come as no surprise.  He said, “If there were a global price on carbon perhaps the price of meat would go up and people would eat less.” (2)  That’s right; he advocates a carbon tax on your hamburger!  He advocates a tax so large that consumers would refrain from eating meat.

Jim Hatem

  1. The full report, “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” can be downloaded here:
  2. “Shun meat, says UN Climate Chief.”  BBC news, Sept. 7, 2008.
  1. Altair Maine says:

    I don’t know that it’s hypocritical to have human failings. I *should* be grading exams, but instead I’m commenting on your blog. And in pretty much every reasonable sense, I’d agree that it would probably be better for the world if I went vegetarian. But I LIKE meat. It’s delicious. So I’ll just hope that on the whole I do more good than harm, and cling to a few choice vices.

    I’m pretty convinced AGW is real, based upon my reading of the data. That doesn’t mean I think we should go and live in caves, or even stop burning coal. Indeed, I think a good deal of anthropogenic climate change is inevitable and probably won’t constitute the end of the world. But it sure bears study. And if our decisions have huge external costs, we should be aware of those.

    • Yes, but this difference is that you putting off grading exams is not going to cost us trillions of dollars in carbon taxes. It is not going to lead to a great sucking sound as trillions are sucked out of our economy and into the economy of corrupt third world dictators.
      Have fun grading exams but you really should do that during daylight hours so as to reduce your carbon footprint.

  2. a_engr1948 says:

    This is a great point, sir. I am just picturing those banquet style dinners at Copenhagen last year. If it wasn’t so funny it would be sad.

  3. jendo321 says:

    I need to forward that link to a friend. He is a big time meat eater yet he is always blabbering on about global warming.

  4. E=MC2 says:

    Mr. Hatem, I have been reading your posts on global warming and you have me completely convinced that this is a hoax. Your articles have lead me off to do my own research–something I would not have done had I not been directed to your blog by my daughter. I am a retired physicist with more more than 40 years experience iin the Navy and private industry where I specialized in fluid dynamics. I have spent my whole life reading scientific literature and I am shocked that most of the stuff being published by these global warming people is making it through the peer review process. The stuff is atrocious and the use of statistics, by and large, borders on fraud.
    I didn’t always feel this way. I merely took it on face value that what was being reported was genuine and that the projections were legitimate. I fear that the vast majority of the scientific community has fallen into the same trap as I did. If more trained members of the scientific community would look into this subject objectively I am positive that the whole house of cards these people have built would come tumbling down.

    Thank you for your efforts and for the influence you had on my daughter. She was a student of yours about ten years ago.

    • Your transformation is not unusual, especially among people with a scientific background. I had no idea I had such an influence on your daughter. I figured out who she is from your email. Many thanks for your kind comments and testimony.

  5. jenniferdo says:

    Mr. Hatem, I know you remember me because I was your favorite student many years ago. As you know, I went off to Johns Hopkins with your help and I am now doing my residency in Virginia (cardiology). I have been following your blog posts and they sound just like you. Reading them brings back happy memories of AP Biolgy and Physics classes in High School. Stanley (remember him?) sent me the link to this site a few weeks ago and I am sure glad he did. I even bookmarked it. As a long time vegetarian (thanks in part to you) I took particular interest in this essay.

    • Nice to hear from you. I am sure you would have made it through med school without my letter of recommendation. I hope you’ll visit here often. Use the email link, however, for personal messages. If I am in your neck of the woods and experiencing chest pain I will be sure to look you up.

  6. zzenmastr says:

    Well at least I can eat a burger guilt free because I certainly am not one of those global warming cooks. Man, just way too much contradictory evidence. I wonder what Al Gore eats?

  7. calistolite says:

    I think I will go out and have myself a big juicy steak. J/K. I don’t even eat meat very much but this article has really enlightened me. How come we never hear news like this from the mainstream press?

  8. t_fish says:

    You mean, as a vegetarian, I do more to help the planet than do all those hypocritical activists? Wonder what old Al Giore eats.

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