2010 Ranking of World’s Top Universities Released

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

The US may have just about the crappiest K-12 education system in the world but when it comes to higher education, people from all over the world come to our universities.  Just check out the predominance of US universities in the recently published rankings by the UK’s, Times Higher Education.


  1. Catherine Smith says:

    OHH YEAH! Take that, Princeton!!!!

  2. Yair says:

    Haha almost all UCs were above USC. I wonder if mate they should stop spending all that money buying football players, who most of the time aren’t worth anything after they finish college, and instead invest it in better research and professors.

    Just a thought :).

  3. MoreLikeAFishThanALobsterIs says:

    But what are we going to do about the crappy K-12?

    These great universities are benefitting from students and faculty who were either not victims of our K-12 system at all or were lucky enough to have at least one great teacher (you know who you are) along the way. What is going to happen after we have driven all of the great teachers out of the system?

    I am sure everyone has their own pet peeves about the school system. Personally, I am irritated that there seems to be no method to the madness. What is the point in teaching kids a slew of facts if we don’t teach them the basics of how to use them? I think we need to teach our kids basic logic. They need to be able to tell the difference between a good logical argument and what only sounds like proof. They need to understand the scientific method. If they don’t know how to do these simple things, then all of the facts are useless. These skills are important for scientists and non-scientists alike. It was recently pointed out to me that liberal arts majors should learn these same basic skills from literature analysis. This had never occured to me before, possibly because I am an engineer and never really understood literature analysis. Do I need to mention that my K-12 was in the LAUSD?

    So what can we possibly do? How can we make such a big change in an institution so large, short of revolution? Does anyone have any ideas?

    • Some would argue that K-12 education is so messed up that it is beyond fixing. There really is no incentive to overhaul the system because there is no wanting of good students at these top universities. It is not as though the seats are being unfilled. There are already way more good applicants to these universities than there are available spaces. Funny you mention your lack of understanding literature analysis. Me too. One thing I HAVE noticed, however, is that the analyses always seems to be done on dead authors. A dead author can’t tell an English professor that they are full of crap.

  4. Mary T says:

    It’s not a giant revolution that will make a change in such a large institution, it has to be something small at first in order to become a permanent change. The teacher’s mentality has to change, if the teachers value the things you mentioned and see their importance (or regardless of their own opinions are taught that method of teaching before they get their license to teach) then the teachers will be able to instill those basic skills in their students.
    This won’t possibly happen in a short amount of time, but if districts could stop dictating facts students need to regurgitate and rather the process and knowledge needed to become a teacher be altered, perhaps that would do some good.
    But eh, who knows?

  5. Mary T says:

    Haha Mr. Hatem, only the books that have stood the test of time (and therefore have dead authors) are worth analyzing.

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