EPA Censors Their Own Report on The Global Warming Hoax

Posted: September 16, 2010 in global warming fraud
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If you doubt that politics, and not science, is behind the global warming scam then you need to view this attached video.  Some of the EPA’s top scientists wrote a 98 page report documenting the need to resist regulating carbon emissions because they concluded that anthropogenic carbon emissions were NOT implicated in climate change of any sort.  The EPA director (a political appointee) squashed the report and the leaked email referenced in this video is a damning smoking gun.  Now pay attention: the science in the report was not questioned. The report was squashed for political reasons.

Sorry about the source of the video.  I would have preferred an alternate news source but I couldn’t find one.  Despite the source, the information is accurate and can be easily documented.

Jim Hatem


  1. t_fish says:

    This is surely a smoking gun. This is all about money! The senator did accidentally mispeak toward the end, though. He said China and India have no emissions. He meant they have no emission taxes.

  2. a_engr1948 says:

    This is really mind-blowing. How can these people get away with this kind of manipulation?

  3. jendo321 says:

    If politicians would just stay out of science we would all be better off. However, it is clear that they are trying to manipulate science for their own nefarious means.

  4. sammisen says:

    The sad part here is that people will dismiss this simply because it comes from Fox News. However, where else would one expect to find reporting of this? It is the facts that are important here. I did some searching and found a couple of news interviews of the lead author of the damaging report. He was completely befuddled as to why his bosses buried the report.

  5. Mauricio Alonso says:

    I’m not too sure about US government agencies anymore: I’ve heard enough about politics and economics meddling with science. FDA, USDA, now EPA…To me the issue is our continued burning of fossil fuels. Even if GW was not occurring, we need to move away from that. I wonder how many people in the EPA are happy to keep the status quo… ” since GW is a hoax we can continue with business as usual”. It’s well known that many senators have big business connections, so I’m very skeptical about their real motivations. If GW wasn’t around what would their scapegoat be? If some politician really made an effort to move away from fossil fuels, what would the EPA say? GW may not be occurring and cap and trade is a highly deficient system that needs to be scrapped and re-thought, or severely tinkered… and western companies who would have to make big sacrifices are particularly concerned about this since it limits their bottom margins. But mountaintops are still blown off for their coal. Mercury still ends up in the air and then deposits. Smog and pollution affect respiratory systems.

    • It is not politicians who need to move away from fossil fuels. Technology will ultimately get us off these fuels but so long as it is cheap and works better than anything else we have it will be around. Cap and trade does nothing to limit carbon emissions. It merely shifts them from being emitted from one country to another. Or worse, it forces countries like the US to buy carbon emissions from other countries thereby increasing energy costs (Obama admits electricity costs will skyrocket). The big energy companies will not have their bottom line effected–they simply pass on the extra costs to us. All cap and trade will do is give the government a a big fat new tax revenue source and our economy will suffer because trillions will sucked out of it and funneled to 3rd world countries to be squandered and stolen by corrupt governments.

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