The Genetics of Male and Female differences and a TV Game Show

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Sociobiology
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Ben Bailey, host of the popular Discovery Channel game show, Cash Cab.

I generally don’t watch much TV except for sports and some nerdy stuff but I do get a kick out of a popular quiz show called, Cash Cab, that airs on the Discovery Channel.  The show is filmed almost entirely in a modified cab on the streets of Manhattan.   I am not going to get into a description of the show because that part  is really inconsequential.  Anyway, a couple of months ago I was watching the show and a group of four twenty-something females entered the cab.  When they realized they just became potential contestants in a TV game show they were boisterously excited and agreed to play.  They were quite knowledgeable and accumulated a respectable $2200 in winnings by answering a wide range of questions on world affairs and pop culture.  As they exited the cab, cash in hand, they were jumping up and down,  screaming and rejoicing.  Just as I said to my wife, “they will probably go blow all that cash at the nearest mall,” you could hear through the screaming din the chant, “shopping, shopping!“  I love it when I am right.

Last week I was tuned into the show again and by coincidence the setting was four twenty-something guys in the cab.  Again, they were quite knowledgeable about the trivia they were tested on and quickly racked up a $2350 prize.  They existed the cab and started hitting each other with high fives.  My wife was not in the room at the time so I had no one to share my thoughts with but as soon as the thought entered my head I heard  one of the contestants yell: “Yeah baby, strip club here we come.”  More high-fives ensued.  Did I say I love it when I am right?

Jim Hatem


Note:  This was not meant to be a scientific treatise, just a fun observation and commentary.

  1. Rafael Betita says:

    That must be one expensive strip club…

  2. jendo321 says:

    This is so funny–and true to form. Leave it to you, Hatem.

  3. Mary T says:

    That is just sad 😦
    I know its true…but its sad…just disappointing..and not even for the guys, I get that I’ve stopped expecting anything least from twenty somethings, but come oooooooon, the females?

  4. a_engr1948 says:

    I saw the same episodes in question. Leave it to you to make this connection.

  5. igneous1 says:

    At first I wasn’t going to even open this thread but since I recognized the host in the picture and I have also seen the show many times I decided to read it. This is really funny but not surprising.

  6. t_fish says:

    I MUST share this with my wife.

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