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Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Many people think I am a genius.

Just as many (I am sure) think I am nuts.

For a long time people from both camps have been urging me to start blogging.  I am not sure how this project will pan out but my emphasis here will be mainly on debunking what everyone “knows” to be true; bringing to the light some of the more amazing discoveries and reports from a wide range of scientific disciplines; and putting my spin on why things are the way they are–and why things shouldn’t be the way they are.

I take special glee in making people look stupid so feel free to post comments challenging any of my thoughts or ideas.  If you wish to applaud, that’s OK too.

I really don’t know which topic I will tackle first so I thought I would let you guys make suggestions.  I’ll probably ignore them but at least it will give me an excuse to procrastinate under the guise that I am giving your suggestions some thought.

Jim Hatem

  1. Anna Qin says:

    yay! mr. hatem is finally blogging! just post all the stuff you rant about in class.

  2. Ryan says:

    this is just great. another jerkoff on the internet spreading falsities.

    hi hatem. =)

  3. Ali says:

    Talk about milk, damn it.

    • Mary T says:

      Yes yes do the whole dairy products talk. A doctor today told me I need to eat more yogurts and cheeses for calcium, and I wanted to correct her…but I had forgotten the minute facts. So what is the proper source of calcium for us?

  4. Andrew Kim says:

    I don’t normally read blogs, but this is too good to pass up.

  5. Mary T says:

    This is about to become my favorite webpage ever.
    There are probably a billion topics and examples you could go into under the giant umbrella of why politics and science should not mix…that’s always fun.

  6. Yair Barojas says:

    HATEM! You better back up all claims with scientific proof or I will report you to the FCC…lol

  7. Zijian says:

    This is pretty epic. I’m looking forward to reading this.

    What are your thoughts on global warming?

  8. Sam Kim says:

    Oh, there is so much I would like you to write about, but I’m sure you’re thinking about doing it already:

    1) Why are social scientists so abysmally poor at producing reproducible, empirical scientific evidence? Should social sciences even be considered science? If not, what is a better approach to the study of human behavior?
    2) More on anthropogenic climate change.
    3) Women’s studies, sociology of science, modern philosophy (especially postmodernism). Are these bullshit? Why?
    4) Sociobiology and evolutionary psychology.
    5) The intersection of religion and science.
    6) Your opinion on public education in America.
    7) Does biology need more math?
    8) Stupid politicians, bureaucrats, school administrators.
    9) Stupid people: nature or nurture?
    10) Human sexuality.
    11) Gender differences: nature or nurture? (Of course, both. But to what degree?)

    • Stan says:

      “Should social sciences even be considered science?”

      If you have to add the word “science” to something to convince someone it is a science….it isn’t.

  9. Min says:

    I think you should write some haikus. They should be pretty interesting…

  10. Emily Law says:

    Looking forward to this! While you’re at it, maybe you could finally post your rant about people eating dairy. I’m studying abroad in Singapore right now where, even though the majority of the population doesn’t like dairy, I’ve been introduced to shelf-stable non-refrigerated milk…

  11. Ram Dixit says:

    omg n den I wuz lik lawl hatem blog!!!!! but he wuznt cheezburgur ,,,?? but iz ok cuz is so cool

  12. Alex Kim says:

    Hi Hatem
    you should talk about:
    dna computers
    velociraptor feathers
    biological immortality

    anything that is mindblowing

  13. James LeRoi says:

    talk about the scientific forces that keep people in the ghetto

  14. Alex Kim says:

    interesting how they changed mindf*ck to mindblowing instead of deleting the whole comment, i guess they have actual humans doing this

  15. Laura says:

    This should be very entertaining! Get to it buster!

  16. Mary T says:

    oh oh oh! plllleaaassseee do one about the whole “being in the sun will kill you”craze, about getting skin cancer from being under the sun: true or false, and if you tan naturally do u really need sunscreen at all?

  17. Michael Rale says:

    This is great! How about:

    Global dimming? How is it that recent extinctions have not been caused by humans at all? Did flight originate arboreally or from the ground up (any thoughts)? Are there really “oceans” of organic volatiles hidden deep in the moon (random, I know)? What are the facts about global warming, really?

    Thanks! It’s going to be fun reading your rants!

  18. jendo321 says:

    Oh how I miss your lectures. Just tell it like it is–the same way you taught all those years.

  19. a_engr1948 says:

    I am really going to be looking forward to your posts. Maybe you can start a thread on UFOs. The web is full of them but I KNOW your views are much needed.

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